Dimitry Ekshtut

Jazz Musician, Rabbi In Training, Cat Dad

Dimitry is a Rabbi-In-Training at Based in Harlem, as well as a middle school music teacher.


Dimitry teaches at a private school in downtown Manhattan after seven years working at in the NYC public school system in Brooklyn and Harlem. By day, he facilitates instrumental and vocal ensembles, music technology, music theory, and partnerships with outside community music organizations. By night, he works to build Jewish community in Harlem, where he, his wife Erica, and their friends are Co-Founders of Kehillat Harlem, a “maker-minyan" and the first new synagogue in their neighborhood in over a century. Dimitry is currently studying toward rabbinic ordination.


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dimitry immigrated with his family at the age of five to Philadelphia, PA. While in middle and high school, he fell in love with the guitar and jazz music, motivating him to move to New York and pursue a career as a professional musician. He has performed in many venues throughout the city, from small cafes and restaurants to the famed Blue Note Jazz Club. Additionally, Dimitry spent several years as a contributing writer and reviewer for Jazz Inside Magazine. He holds a Bachelor's of Music (Jazz Performance) degree and a Master's of Music Education, both from New York University.