Elaina Marshalek

Talmud nerd, basic b** piano player [or broadway musical singalong freak], closeted math lover

Elaina was born, raised, schooled, and is thrilled to be opening her home to you in the Bay Area. She has been long-time dreaming with Frankie about their glittery community-powered shtiebel [little house], and is grateful for this dream to take root building community among the redwoods.


Elaina believes that Jewish community is best when every person knows that the tradition is theirs, and feels empowered to hold, shape, and breathe life into it with their questions, prayers, and sizzling hot takes. She loves that sweet spot of learning when on the brink of discovering how much more there is to know, and loves holding space where we can, in a joyous and supported way, get confused on a whole new level. Elaina holds degrees in forestry, probability, and a master’s in engineering from UC Berkeley, and has brought her love of learning and passion to an array of industries, leading her to volcanoes, salt mines, and hospital hallways. Most recently, Elaina worked as Director of Strategy for UCSF Health, shepherding the organization through pandemic response and hospital recovery. She made the leap to doing Jewish as her day job in her role as Director of Programs at SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, where she brings the spiritual practice of Talmud study to the masses as a tool for radical change-making. 


Elaina is so excited to welcome you into her home and the Base Bay Area community. You can reach her at elainam@gmail.com.