Welcoming 4 New Rabbis to the Base family!

Sep 23, 2022
by admin

Dear Base Fans, Friends, and Partners,


Over the last few years, we've received growing interest by dozens of rabbis from across the denominational spectrum to inhabit less traditional, more dynamic, and pluralistically-oriented rabbinates. Simultaneously we've seen the tremendous impact that a relationship with a rabbi can have on a young adult as they navigate our increasingly complex world. Through a series of conversations, we are excited to pilot a formal expansion of our Based-In initiaitve, a part-time ieration of our core Base model, with four incredible rabbinic leaders. Beginning in October 2022, these leaders will work on a part-time basis engaging young adults and young families in Jewish life and pastoral care, and we are excited to learn with them about the potential impact of this model. Click below to learn more about these new rabbis and their Based-In locations!


Based-In ALSTN - Rabbi Noah Westreich

Based-In ANARBR - Rabbi Joel Goldstein

Based-In NYC - Rabbi Sion Setton

Based-In PHILLY - Rabbi Lonnie Kleinman